The History of Typography

This is a great animated short history of typography.

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Maryland English Institute

Silk Road Studio is proud to announce the recent redesign and launch of the Maryland English Institute website. Read more about the project here.

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The Shire School

Silk Road Studio launched a website redesign for The Shire School in Arlington, VA last month.
Read more about the project.

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Only in Scandinavia

I recently visited the Nordic Cool 2013 festival at the Kennedy Center, and loved the postcard campaign, “Only in Scandinavia” that was launched in concert with the festival.

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Chelsea Hudson Photography

Working with Elisabeth at Silk Road Studio has been the best choice I have made for my business in a long time. Elisabeth listened to me muddle through my ill-defined ideas and vision for my brand, and asked directed questions that helped flesh out my style in a more definitive way. After taking the time to look through my work, she was able to create a concept that exceeded my expectations and clearly communicated my style—something I was beginning to feel was impossible. Everything from the colors to the fonts and design elements communicate the essence of my style and personality in my photography.

It takes an extremely creative, talented and intuitive designer to help you figure out your own style and then produce a branding concept that is more accurate than even your own hopes or expectations. I love seeing a cohesive design throughout my website, business documents and marketing materials.

Chelsea Hudson, Photographer and Owner of Chelsea Hudson Photography
Project Bamboo

Elisabeth played a key role in redesigning our project’s identity and website, at a time when the perception of our project was poor and our message was unclear. We were lucky to have her on the case. Elisabeth’s design process was one that was both receptive to our needs, and pushed our thinking with her creative ideas. Tasked with the challenge of communicating a single message for a sprawling project with four distinct parts, Elisabeth created a series of sub-brands that reinforces the identity of the project and has made our brand recognizable within the community.

Dave Lester, Creative Lead at the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
Washington Community Fellowship Church

Elisabeth took the lead in organizing, strategizing, implementing and launching a redesign of Washington Community Fellowship’s visual identity and website. Her gentle, persuasive spirit integrated with technical savvy and relational awareness throughout the two-year process yielded a product with widespread buy-in and enthusiasm across the congregational spectrum. The use of bold colors and contemporary design appealed to all demographics. The visual identity provides recognition, consistency, and attractiveness. The website has and continues to be an invitational venue for the casual seeker as well as for the informed regular attender.

Del Glick, Senior Pastor at Washington Community Fellowship

About the studio

Silk Road Studio is a small graphic design firm based in Washington, DC. The studio was founded in 2011 by Elisabeth Kvernen, and its services include web and interactive design, identity and brand creation, print design and motion/video production.
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